Arduino library ERM19264_UC1609 created

  • Name : ERM19264_UC1609
  • Title : Library for ERM19264-5 v3 LCD (UC1609C controller) for the Arduino eco-system
  • Description :
  1. Arduino library.
  2. Inverse, rotate and contrast control.
  3. ASCII text strings and character text display.
  4. Graphics library included based on the Adafruit GFX library.
  5. Sleep mode.
  6. 3 different modes: Multi-buffer , single buffer , light weight text only
  7. custom bitmaps supported.
  • Tested on following MCUs both software and hardware SPI, The example files are setup for an UNO for the pin connections used by for other MCU testing see extras folder GPIO_MCU_used.txt file.
  1. Arduino UNO & NANO v3
  2. ESP8266
  3. ESP32
  4. STM32 “blue pill”